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The Importance Of Adopting An Animal March 20, 2017

If you are thinking of getting a pet, it is vital that you adopt your pet from a rescue shelter as opposed to buying a pet from an animal breeder because animals are severely abused by breeders. While you might feel tempted to pay money and “rescue” the animal from the cruel breeder, all you will end up doing is paying more money to the breeder, funding his business and helping him to become a bigger business and thereby abuse more animals.

The only way to stop a breeder and his business is to boycott his business so that he will need to close down his business due to lack of money. Meanwhile, thousands of animals are being abandoned and dumped every day by humans who have gotten bored with their pets or chosen to abandon their pets for new opportunities.

The responsibility involvedWhile adopting a pet is possibly one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself and for your family, it is vital for you to keep in mind that having a pet is a long term responsibility of at least eighteen years of more. It is similar to choosing to become a parent because from the day you adopt your pet for the rest of your pets’ life spanning at least fifteen to eighteen years, you will be responsible for your pets wellbeing, food, nutrition, medication and vet bills. This is a big responsibility because when you commit, you cannot go back simply because your own life circumstances have changed. You will not have to spend excessive money on your pet such as extravagance involving a certified professional dog groomer in Singapore and expensive accessories however, you will be responsible for your pets overall wellbeing.

The sad fact is that many people abandon their pets when they have a human child claiming many things such as false concern for the new child’s health and inability to dedicate time to the pet now that the child has arrived. Other reasoning given is that the parent is moving homes, shifting to an apartment that does not accept animals or moving overseas. Sometimes, pet parents neglect animals by not paying money for pet grooming, medical care and not providing the pet with proper food.

You need to keep in mind that your pet is equal to your human child and if you would not choose to leave your child behind or move to an apartment that is not child friendly, you should not leave your pet behind or move to a home that is not pet friendly.

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