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Organizing The Office Vacation March 21, 2017

Every office goes on a small vacation together every year and this year, if you have been tasked with organizing the office get together or vacation, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. The first of these things is that you will be tasked with working within a very tight budget and therefore, you will need to find extremely creative ways of cutting down on the expenditure.

The importance of working together
A good team that works well together like the pieces of a puzzle can achieve a lot together and can bring about magic but on the other hand, if you and your team do not get along as well, if you have hidden grudges and agendas, you will find that the work efficiency is a lot less in the work place and thereby the overall output by the team as a whole is low. This is why you will need to have corporate team building activities as part of the agenda for your office vacation. The reason that your office is investing in a vacation for you and your colleagues is that the office intends for the members of staff to get together on a personal level and get to know each other outside of office so that they are able to bond and thereby become a good team and work well together within the workplace.

You, as the organizer will be in charge of organizing the accommodation, the travel and the meals for the vacation with the budget that you are allocated. You will need to make a calculation to see how many meals you will have to allocate for. As an example, if there are thirty two people going on the trip for three days, you will need to organize thirty two in to three meals in to three days. That is two hundred and eighty eight meals and this means a lot of money to be invested. If you were to have a cooking team building workshop as one of your activities, you can cut that number down by thirty two which is one strategy to save money.

The second thing you need to remember is that you need to keep in mind that your office and company exists to make money and its sole purpose in everything it does is to earn money which means that this paid vacation that you and your colleagues are getting is not something that is done out of pure love but with the ulterior motive of making money.

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