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Living Room Ideas To Keep An Eye On March 28, 2017

The living room is decidedly one of the most important spaces in a home. Especially if you tend to entertain guests or spend more time in your living space it should be the best decorated and arranged room of all. Furniture plays a major role here in deciding how well or how bad your living room looks. Don’t arrange your furniture without giving it the much needed attention as it could look as though the furniture were just thrown in together and not actually arranged.

Make your living room welcoming and vibrant. And make sure to pick furniture that is durable to wear and tear. Sometimes investing  on quality furniture is actually a good idea rather than buying cheap flimsy furniture only to wear out soon.

Measure and evaluate your living space
Get yourself a measuring tape and get on all fours to measure as accurately as possible the floor area of your living space. Make sure to measure your doorway, height and breadthwise to avoid any mishap of furniture not being able to be brought inside the house. Keep a mental tag on how much you can accommodate before going furniture shopping. You can make assumptions of the sizes of the furniture’s by trying an online furniture shop website for details on their products.

Create a visual image of how you are going to arrange the living room
This is very important to avoid any mishap. You can use duct tapes to mark on the floor where you need each furniture to be located and how much space it will take up. That way you can decide on whether you need more furniture like the high quality bean bag in Singapore or love seats to fill up any empty space.

Decide on a theme for the fabrics
Pick out a theme. The theme should be consistent on all fabrics of the furniture’s and of course the curtains, rugs and carpets. Avoid using many colours for it can get too frustrating to look at. Rather go for cooler tones that make your guests, family and yourself feel at ease. Invest in some good quality expensive fabric for your sofas and curtain to achieve that perfect luxurious look for your living space. Plus sometimes those cheap fabrics tend to have shorter lives and easily tear down. Durable fabrics also help you keep the living room stain free because with guests and kids the living space is the most prone for accidental spills.

Make the necessary alterations
Don’t be afraid to make changes! Change! Change those that you don’t feel right. Make the necessary alterations. If you feel your original layout plan doesn’t actually look good in reality get help to change the order of the furniture’s. Add wall hangings and other accessories you feel fit. Get the opinion of your loved one’s or even a professional’s to get the perfect look for your living room. You don’t always get everything right the first time so make any necessary alterations rather than just sticking to the original plan.

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