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How To Make Sure Your School’s Sports Group Is At Its Best For This Season? October 25, 2017

Are you the coach of a school’s or college’s sports group? Does the responsibility of the team doing well in the upcoming sports season lie on your shoulders? In this case, it goes without saying that you will try every thing within your power to make sure your “kids” are well prepared. But how do you prepare them? What needs to be done, and what needs to be avoided? Here are a few tips and suggestions from our experts on this subjects; exclusively for you…

  • Start training well beforehand – don’t wait for the sports season and the sports events Singapore to be around the corner to start your team’s training. Make your selections of the individual players at the earliest possible date. An early start on the training can also instill better confidence in your players as they will well prepared when the season is on them.
  • Take advantage of each individual players’ talents – each child is individually talented. So it goes without saying that each of your players too will have individual talents and skills that will make your team more formidable as a whole. Recognizing each player’s individual talents and making the best of it will give your school’s sports group a better chance to win. Remember to pair complementing talents and skills as well.
  • Teach them how to work as a unit – while enhancing individual talents is important, teaching your players to work as a unit is more important. First, they have to learn to trust each other and rely on each other. Try out a few team bonding activities to break the ice. Encourage them to hang out with each other out of the court as well. The more they get to know each other as a team, the easier it will be for them to be each others strength.  
  • Practice, practice, and practice until flawless – “practice makes perfect”; a popular saying in regards to working hard to achieve one’s goal. And its is not popular without a reason. Working your crew hard enough can make them work through any hiccups they’d have in regards to their skills. Regular and intensive practice will also help them build a better connection with the rest of their sports group; inevitably helping your school’s sports groups be it’s best for this season.

Know when it’s too much practice – we know that this is going to be a little confusing, but there comes a point where you have to know when to stop pushing those who you train. Too much training and practicing can frustrate your players; or worse, lead to injuries before the season even actually begins. So when you feel that your players are well prepared, ease up a little on the intensity of their training to get better results…

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