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Home Tuition: A Pleasant Suprise October 5, 2017

Life is indeed a rat race, as a young child we are pressurized to bring home the best grades and play at least one sport. In our teens we have to have keep going while exhibiting traits of a model citizen. As young adults we are expected to land a job, buy a car, a house, and get married before we turn thirty. The list is endless really. And when we finally tie the knot hoping to spend the rest of our life in somewhat peace having achieved the list, a yard long, we go and make a decision that makes the world as we know it to cease. We decide to have a baby! Don’t get me wrong, I love mine to death and could not imagine my life without him, but whatever were we thinking? Could we just not get a dog like everybody else?

There is a time where it will be all about nursing and teething, and us trying to catch up on much deprived sleep while eating, taking a bath and during every possible human activity, then along comes the crawling and tears on the first days of school and you will finally have to let your baby walk into the world, alone! They cope better than us mommies! Trust me!

 Just like everything else, education has evolved to be highly completive. Our children are scrutinized in a world that has no sensitivity for being slow or different form the rest and as parents it would break our heart to see our little one left behind.

If your child, for whatever reason is unable to cope with the curriculum it is advisable to seek help. One must not think of a tutor as an additional to a child’s schedule but a mechanism for guidance. If your son if too young to attend classes elsewhere you always have the option to speak to a home tutor. Home tuition facilitates the child a secure and familiar atmosphere while moving at a pace he is able to grasp the lesson completely. If ever a doubt occurs he will not be reluctant to speak to his home tutor for clarification because he would not worry about being judged by his peers.

People are generally pessimistic about things they are not familiar with, home tuition too receives a similar attitude as it is associated with over-expectant parents bulling their kids into ‘’A’’ grades. Yes we have dreams and aspirations for our kids because we want them to go places that we did not have the opportunity to. But that is by no means a licence to piggy back your unfulfilled ambitions onto a life of another. Home tuition is not for making little Nathen believe that he is above the rest but to receive a well-rounded education which will one day make him be great as he is meant to be.

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