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Things You Should Always Do At A Gym

There are several things that we thought you are missing out on doing, even after yuou make time to go for a gym.

Heavy weights

You might have zero courage to go into the heavy weights room and throw some weights, when you see the weight room with big masculine men inside doing weights everywhere. But standing in a corner with a small dumbbell in your hand is just not going to help you. Everyone had a start in some part of their lives, this is yours. Besides, you didn’t get this gym membership in Singapore for nothing. And I’m not just saying this to men, women need to work on their weight lifting as well and if you are worried about gaining too many cuts to your femininity, not to worry. It is said that women don’t add much to their physiques like men as there is a low count of testosterone (a male hormone) inside the female body which is essential to enlarge muscles.

Not using your upper body during cardio workouts

If your usual cardio work out session include stationary bike, treadmill or stair stepper, you might not be burning enough calories as you should be. Consuming your upper body muscles further will aid you burn up more calories and supports your endurance. That is why athletes like swimmers, skiers (those who use both arms and legs) and told to be the fittest of them all.

Not having a plan

There is a special workout plan in gyms for each and every exercise session. Need to drop 10 pounds? Or more flexible? Increase endurance? There are different workouts depending on your target. So keep a plan, have a primary goal but the normal routines put to it as well that way you will actually have a result from each day.

Not pushing yourself enough

It isn’t about the number of hours you were at the gym, it’s about the amount of work you have got done during the time. Yeah, you have to take frequent water breaks in between each exercise but also keep note on how much time you are keeping for your breaks. It’s true, this shouldn’t feel like an office work with deadlines, it should be fun as well. But keep intensity levels in your workout, see how far you can push yourself day by day. This will actually help you wanting to do more.

You don’t take use of what you are given

Many gyms provide trainers or fitness coaches who will actually help you in your workout. You maybe a total newbie to the whole ‘gym’ thing, but they are provided for you to inquire and get their advice on what and how a workout should be done. Trainers can actually support you speed up your process and help you gain your results.

So next time you head off to the gym, have some of these tips in mind. They might actually help you improve.

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