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How To Plan The Office Christmas Party Like A Pro

We all know that dreadful feeling and the few moments of silence at the office meeting where all of us were bowing our heads with our eyes busy on the notebooks, as the boss was asking who would like to be the volunteer who will organize the annual Christmas party. Well until you knew that you were being stared upon, “ah yes you, I have seen you doing great at getting things ready for the birthday tea tables of everyone, why don’t you take care of this?”

Well, you agree because one, you literally have no say in this, two, you do not want to say no and affect that promotion you have been working so hard for. But now that this actually is happening you realized it is pretty serious than getting people cupcakes and customised gifts Singapore. It is not a simple thing to meet everyone’s expectation, while impressing the boss all the while carrying on your usual life as a human being.

Get the venue sorted out

As it is the holiday season places are bound to be booked already or are to be selling faster. This will not pose an issue if you are having it at office premises. Pick the location based on the number of people who will attend. Avoid asking anyone to confirm the participation just yet, since it can be too early, but assume everyone is coming and select a place.

Fix a date

This is one of the priorities. You know how difficult it is to get a number of adults confirmed on a specific day so do this as early as possible.

Send out invites

After the place and the dates are fixed and agreed upon, it is time to send out the invitations. A “save the date” email is ideal as it can be followed up with official emails as the date approaches.

Entertainment and take home gifts

This is largely dependent of the kind of theme you are planning on and the age group of the majority of the crowd. It could be a live band or you can book a Dj. You can also get your peers to perform their talents. It is ideal to prepare little gift bags full of Christmas candies or goodies. You can also design something simple and unique that your colleagues will continue to use with the help of corporate gifts suppliers.

Pick food and beverages

Find out if there are any special requirements; are there vegans, people who suffer from certain food allergies, or someone who is intolerant of certain food types. If so, make sure you have options to cater to all these needs. And about the drinks, unless it is included in your venue package, you need to figure out what you are getting and where you are getting it from. Do not worry too much about getting something for everyone; people are usually less fussy about free drinks.

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