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Gift Ideas For A Work Colleague

Buying gifts for a coworker or a work colleague can get tough. After all, it’s either that you don’t know them well enough to know what they’d like, or you are afraid your gift might give them the wrong idea on how you feel towards them; which will only make working together awkward. But when a special occasion rolls around, and you can’t swing pass with empty hands, it’s time to think of gift options. Here are a few of our options to get you started…

• A gift that can thrive under little care – office workers, or the working crowd in general, are fairly busy people with hectic schedules. Even if your gift receiver has green thumbs and loves gardening, chances are that they might not be doing a lot of it due to their work and family commitments. In this case, a bonsai tree or a succulent aquarium make a treasured gift to them. Yes, bonsais take a little effort. But not as much as a whole gardenful of plants!

• A gift from the brand they adore – everyone has a brand or two that they adore and can’t help talking about. It may be perfumes, clothes, spices or coffee, watches or accessories, or even shoes or tools; it all depends on where their interest are. Depending on how special the gift receiver is, you can consider buying them that Adidas NMD in Singapore shoes or special blend of exotic coffee they’ve been raving about.

• A gift that will help them de-stress – almost everybody we know is stressed out, in some way or the other. But this is especially true for those working under pressure. If your gift receiver is known for stressing, then give their heart and mind a little well deserved break by gifting them something that’ll help them de-stress. It may be a mini weekend vacation, a voucher for a few spa sessions, or even puma sneakers if they love running shoes and feel better doing so!

• A gift that will connect with a memory together – office mates and work colleagues are those who you slave together with, and compete against with too. This being said, chances are that you’d either hate them, or really make a lasting bond with them over time. If your work colleague and you share a special memory together, a gift that signifies that moment can make a lovely gift.

• A gift that you can all pool in for – buying a good gift can get a little expensive; especially if the gift receiver’s choices are so. Instead of individually buying gifts, consider pooling in your money with other you work together, so you can buy a more meaningful and interesting gift. It’s completely alright if it’s a single gift. After all, it’s the thought that matters.

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