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What Are The Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution?

Air pollution has become a much wide spread problem. Gone are the days when the air we breathe in, was fresh and actually did well to our bodies. Now with all the chemicals and pollutants being released into the air, the air has indeed become poisonous to our health to say the least. Not only are humans effected by this man made issue, so are the animals and plants. Read on to learn more about the harmful effects caused by air pollution.

Effects on vegetationWe believe that green veggies and salads can give us the best health benefits. Yes, that statement was accurate a very very long time ago. When the air was as fresh as it can be. However, with the modern intervention into nature, by cutting down trees and releasing harmful compounds in to the air limitlessly, the air has been poisoned. Not only are humans effected by this but so are the plants. The vegetation’s are being sprayed with harmful pesticides that cause numerous health problems in humans who consume them. The principle air pollutants that are mainly effecting the plants are Sulphur dioxide, photochemical oxidants and SPM. Plants are known to show symptoms of the effects of air pollution. A decrease in chlorophyll and chloroplast. The quantity and quality of the plants have also seen a steady decrease. These are some such symptoms.

Sulphur DioxideSulphur Dioxide, more commonly known as SO2 has serious health effects on humans. Most people are unaware of the SO2 exposure they are facing in their day to day lives. Those who are chronically exposed to SO2 are prone to cough, fatigue, nausea and in some cases prolonged colds, bronchitis and shortness of breath. It is very important that the chemical compound of SO2 is removed from the air. Because even children are highly effected by it. Did you know, that SO2 is the main cause of the acidic rain we have been experiencing in the recent past? The best way to remove such harmful inorganic gases from the air is to use a chamber scrubber.

Carbon MonoxideCarbon Monoxide or CO, is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lung tissues. This CO is then bended into two compounds with Hemoglobin. One is Carboxy Hemoglobin and Oxy hemoglobin. The ideal carboxy hemoglobin level in a human should be less than 2 per cent. With cutting down of plants, burning of harmful materials like polythene and even leaves CO is released into the air. And when a person breathes in too much of CO they are likely to be faced with severe lung problems. A person who has been exposed to large amounts of CO has to be treated in a decompression chamber to remove the carbon monoxide from the system to treat divers from suffering.

LeadVehicles have been linked to being the major emitters of lead. Lead is also a very poisonous substance that is being released in to the air. This air pollutant has been linked to many chronic and severe health issues caused in humans. Some such known health problems caused by lead is kidney problems, nervous system issues, problems in the reproductive system and high blood pressure.

Preventing such harmful air pollutants, is the responsibility of every human. Even though it seems insignificant it is important that each and every one of us make changes in our lifestyle to bring in positive changes to the environment we live in.

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