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First Impressions – Cinching That Interview

No matter how many times people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” they will still judge you based on their first impression. In situations like interviews, first impressions matter a lot because there will be many candidates with similar qualifications vying for the job and one of the ways in which you can stand out is how you come across to the interview panel. In order to make a good first impression, you will need to spruce up your appearance a bit. While it is not a good idea to don an entirely new persona, it won’t hurt for you to visit the following vendors and services in order to smoothen out the kinks.

A Dazzling SmileA smile is the fastest way for you to genuinely connect to someone. Practice smiling in the mirror and watch the way your eyes light up when you a smile for real; that’s what you should do when you walk into an interview. But if you don’t have good oral hygiene or your teeth are less than perfect, it’s a good idea to invest some serious dough in a good smile. Veneers can help cover up chinks, chips and other problems in the teeth themselves, while other orthodontic procedures can help you find a dazzling smile for when you start looking for jobs. Imperfections make the individual, but if it looks like you haven’t seen a dentist since your milk teeth fell out, then you’re in trouble.

Great HairIn addition to dental care in Singapore, you also need to worry about your hair style for the day. You can go with a tried and tested style or you can go to a salon and doll yourself up. You will need to change it depending on the position you’re applying for; a secretarial place will prefer an elegant chignon or bun whereas an indie publishing house might prefer a mermaid side plait. It is also a good idea not to stray too far from your usual hair styles. Absolutely go to a salon, but ask them to show you a style that you can replicate at home later on. Blow-dry your hair or curl it. If you get extensions or a weave, remember that you will have to maintain it so ask for a simple style.

Fierce Clothes‘Fierce’ here refers to how you feel and not how you look. You have to be dressed appropriately, so if you do not have a suit to wear to an interview at a law firm, you need to go shopping. Research the companies before hand and check out what their employees wear; the more you look like one of them, the more chance you have of being hired because they will subconsciously prefer you. However, do NOT shop past your comfort zone by going for a pencil skirt at the interview when you’re normally a slacks girl. The discomfort will show or your superiors will feel taken in when you ditch the skirt once you get the job.

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